The Municipal Council – local parliament

The Municipal Council is elected every fourth year and consists of 39 members who are responsible for establishing such things as budgets, taxes and fees. Council meetings are open to the public and before these meetings start, the general public are given the opportunity to ask questions.

The Municipal Council is the municipality’s ultimate decision-making body and is the only political body in the municipality that is directly elected. The Municipal Council appoints members of the Municipal Executive Board and members of other municipal committees and boards.

The Municipal Executive Board – local government

The Municipal Executive Board is the municipality’s leading political body and is responsible for, among other things, co-ordinating municipal activities. The eleven members of the board are elected by the Municipal Council and they are in charge of preparing matters for decision-making by the Municipal Council. The Municipal Executive Board is, however, in the position to be able to take decisions on certain matters itself.

Kungsör’s Municipal Commissioner and Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board

Pelle Strengbom (S)
E-mail: pelle.strengbom@kungsor.se
Tel: 0227-60 04 25

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