Welcome to the Royal Kingdom of Kungsör.

Kungsör has evolved from being a place on the shore of Lake Mälaren where Gustav Vasa once bought a farm. That was in 1538, and since then many members of Swedish royalty have come to Kungsör for recreational purposes. King Karl XI was the king who liked Kungsör the most and he was happy to escape the ostentatiousness of Stockholm and come to Kungsör as often as possible. The forests surrounding the Royal Estate were wonderful hunting grounds and the beautiful scenery is just as important now as it was then.

In the early 19th century a huge fire broke out at the Royal Manor and all that remains is a part of the Ladies-in-Waiting Building. This building is now home to Kungsör’s Local Museum Association known as Kungsudden.

Today’s Royal Kingdom

Kungsör is one of the smallest municipalities in Sweden with just over 8000 inhabitants. The centre of Kungsör is situated high up with buildings that stretch down towards Lake Mälaren and the Arbogaån river. Apart from Kungsör, there is one other urban area in the municipality, Valskog, and two villages with churches, Torpa and Kungs Barkarö.

Central Position

Kungsör is strategically situated in western Mälardalen. The E20 motorway passes just outside the town and trains on the Svealandsbana railway stop right in the centre. It is just 25 km to Eskilstuna, a fifteen-minute train journey, 50 km to Västerås and 70 km to Örebro. Stockholm is only one and a half hours away. From Kungsör, it is easy to reach many larger towns and interesting places in the Mälardalen region.

Unique Countryside

Besides its royal history, Kungsör is distinguished by its exceptionally beautiful and unique countryside. Kungsör is an eco-friendly municipality that has received an award for its environmental management. There is a rich cultural landscape here as well as many beautiful nature areas and dedicated work is being carried out to care for this impressive royal landscape. You no longer need to buy a royal manor to live like a king. Kungsör offers its residents a beautiful and safe place to live close to forests and meadows, the blue water of Lake Mälaren and great activities such as rambling, fishing, swimming and boating.

Come and discover your own royal kingdom!

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