Kungsudden’s Royal Manor was founded by Gustav Vasa during the 16th century. He and his court spent long periods of time at the manor and he added several buildings to the estate. The Royal Manor became a popular retreat for a number of kings, of which Karl XI was the one who spent the most time here.

In 1822, a spark from a passing steamboat caused a huge fire broke at
Kungsudden. The fire spread from building to building and all that remained was
a worker’s home that had been built using timber from the Ladies-in-Waiting

Local Museum Association

In 1927, Kungsör’s Local Museum Association was founded and one of its
objectives was to acquire the only remaining building from the Royal Manor, have it restored and refurbish it as a local museum. The cellar with its brick
vaulting was excavated and ironmongery was copied from originals that were found on site. The new fireplace and furniture were also copies of original old
models. The local museum was officially opened in 1945.

Kungsudden, with its magnificent views of the Arboga River and Lake Mälaren is a popular tourist destination during the summer. The objects on display at the museum, such as old tools, clothes and curiosities, are of interest to visitors of all ages and they give people an idea of what life in Kungsör used to be like. The museum is open to groups all year round. During the summer, a café is also open.

For bookings and information, please contact Kungsör’s Local Museum Association.

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