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Kungsör is strategically located at the heart of Sweden, between Stockholm, Oslo and Gothenburg.

Here you are close to six airports, two railway lines and the E20 and E18 motorways. The distance to Stockholm is 135 km.

Kungsör - in a central part of Sweden

Within a radius of 150 km from Kungsör more than a third of Sweden's population is found. This gives a flexible labour market and it is relatively easy to find manpower with knowledge and skills.

Industrial tradition

Kungsör has a long industrial tradition, with many innovative persons. Today Kungsör has among others several Mechanical Industries, mostly Contract Producers, as well as Plastic Industry, Prefabrication of Concrete Products.

Invest in Kungsör

You are very welcome to invest in Kungsör. For information about available land and facilities, or other kind of business matters, please contact our Industry & Trade Assistent.

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Telefon: 0227-60 00 00

E-post: info@kungsor.se

Öppettider: Måndag-Fredag

7.30-12.00 och 13.00-16.30
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Organisationsnr: 212000-2056


Drottninggatan 34, 736 85 Kungsör


Kungsörs kommun, 736 85 Kungsör


Box 34, 736 21 Kungsör
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