Municipal facts

Population: approximately 8 400 inhabitants

Kungsör municipality land area: 203 square kilometres.

Inhabitants per square kilometre: approximately 40.

Tax Rate: municipal tax (21.91 %) + council tax (10.50 %) = 32.41 %.
Funeral and burial fees 0.3 %, plus churchfee for members.

Geographic location: The majority of Kungsör municipality is located in the province of Södermanland but belongs to the county of Västmanland. The municipality is located to the south and west of Lake Mälaren with access to the E20 motorway and the Svealandsbana railway line.

Nature: A bedrock fault runs south of the Arbogaån river from east to west. On the cultivated clay plain north of the fault scarp there is an unusual landscape of deciduous forests and oak pastures. To the south, above the scarp, the forest becomes coniferous on a blanket of moraine. The Köpingsåsen boulder-ridge runs from north to south through the town of Kungsör and along the western shore of Lake Mälaren, which is why the town has an elevated position above the lake.

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