Road and Rail Communications

It is very easy to travel to or from Kungsör thanks to the town’s central position on the south-west shore of Lake Mälaren. By train it takes only one hour and 20 minutes to Stockholm and just 15 minutes to Eskilstuna.


Kungsör has rail communications with Eskilstuna, Stockholm and Arboga on the Svealandsbana railway line. It takes just 10 minutes to reach Arboga and from there you can change to trains bound for Örebro and Gothenburg.

To travel to Västerås by train you will need to change trains in Eskilstuna or Arboga. The fastest way to get there, however, is to take the direct bus to Köping and then take the train to Västerås.


The E20 motorway between Stockholm and Gothenburg runs through Kungsör from east to west. The road connects Kungsör with Eskilstuna and Arboga and in Arboga it intersects with the E18 to Örebro.

Road 56 passes through Kungsör in a north-south direction. Katrineholm is the closest intersection in the south. Norrköping and the E4 motorway can be reached further to the south and Västerås can be reached via road 56 heading north.

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