Guest harbour and bridge opening

The guest harbour

Kungsör’s guest harbour

Kungsör’s guest harbour is in the Arbogaån river downstream from the railway bridge and 500 metres from the town centre. There are 12 guest moorings, which are 1.5 m deep, where you can moor up using buoys, piles or anchors. 
100 SEK per night mooring fees, 30 SEK for electricity. The quay, which you can moor up alongside, has a depth of 3.5m. Passenger boat moorings are marked. The current in the Arbogaån river can be up to 4-5 knots during spring and early summer.

There are also guest moorings at Kungsör’s boatyard.

Tourist-office: +46 227 600101


"KAJUTAN" with a group room and kitchenette. There is also a shower, WC,
drinking water, electricity and an information board. ”Kajutan” is supervised
between 1 May and 30 September

Kungsör’s boatyard, 500 m away, has a trailer ramp, slipway, crane, mast
crane and shop and carries out boat and marine engine repairs, including
insurance repairs. Kungsör’s boatyard, tel 0227-101 32.

Bridge heights and opening

Boats entering or leaving the Arbogaån river must pass under two bridges: the
railway bridge, 2.7 m, and the road bridge, 3.8 m.

During low season, 1 November – 30 April, the bridges are closed. During the
rest of the year, the bridges are operated remotely from Kvicksund bridge.
Contact the bridge operator using the call signal and speaker system at the
bridge, radio VHF channel 68 or tel 016 – 35 46 65.

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